awakening to the numinous while staying grounded in real life

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Heart-Based Awareness and Transformation Coaching

Energy Healing and Shamanic practices

TRE® (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises)

Vocal Liberation.

Sessions focus on the following:

  • Grounding spiritual awakening and heart-based living
  • How to live a deeply enjoyable life while being grounded and real
  • Sane relationships and overcoming long-term patterns
  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma recovery
  • Direct path meditation and heart-centered awareness
  • Waking up in daily life, coming home to the body
  • Vocal Liberation - rediscovering a free singing voice and empowered self-expression

"Under Jeremy’s patient and skillful guidance I was able to safely release a lot of unprocessed trauma from my cells and come back to a balanced state of wellbeing and safety in my body. Through skillful & compassionate coaching Jeremy helped me to see through my negative repetitive patterns and gave me tools and support to change them."

Anna Botting
Yoga & meditation teacher, sound healer

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