Transformation Coaching

Heal Trauma and Conditioning

Find Purpose, Flow and Joy

Wake Up into Stable Presence

Thrive while Living from the Heart

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Get to the roots of, and heal your trauma and negative conditioning

Relieve anxiety and learn tools to self-regulate your nervous system for life

Develop confidence and self-esteem


Wake Up

Liberate yourself from the negative narratives of your mind

Enjoy spaciousness and heart-centered presence

Live with joy and energy


Find your path

Discover and follow heart- and soul-based life direction

Get grounded and practical about living your best life

Sessions focus on the following:

  • Grounding spiritual awakening and heart-based living
  • How to live a deeply enjoyable life while being grounded and real
  • Sane relationships and overcoming long-term patterns
  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma recovery
  • Direct path meditation and heart-centered awareness
  • Waking up in daily life, coming home to the body
  • Vocal Liberation - rediscovering a free singing voice and empowered self-expression

How to Book

If we haven't worked together, please book a free Discovery Call.

Regular clients, please email me directly for a session.

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Healing qualifications

I became an advanced Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) provider 2010-2012 and continue to study trauma recovery and TRE®. I obtained a Master EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) certification 2019-2020, and am currently also studying Clinical EFT® and Energy Psychology.

I studied transformation coaching, energy healing and shamanic practices 2007 - 2009 with Dora at the Aya Centre and went on to co-facilitate workshops and courses with her 2009 - 2010. 

My vocal training includes opera, speech level (Seth Riggs, Roger Love, Brett Manning), lots of time as a touring rock singer and ongoing studies into vocal pedagogy.  

I am in weekly clinical supervision with psychologist and mentor Bill Petrie to review my Transformation Coaching work. Being a deeply effective, compassionate, boundaried, responsible and ethical practitioner matters to me.

Find out what my clients say here.

Anna Botting

Yoga & meditation teacher

"Under Jeremy’s patient and skillful guidance I was able to safely release a lot of unprocessed trauma from my cells and come back to a balanced state of wellbeing and safety in my body. Through skillful & compassionate coaching Jeremy helped me to see through my negative repetitive patterns and gave me tools and support to change them."