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Meet your coach: Jeremy de Tolly

"It matters that your voice is heard. I know that you have special gifts that the world would be a better place for hearing. You also know that somewhere inside there’s a call to express yourself more powerfully, fearlessly, beautifully out in the world. I'm here to coach your voice into a source of power, confidence, connection, and joy."

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Meet your coach: Jeremy de Tolly

"It matters that your voice is heard. I know that you have special gifts that the world would be a better place for hearing. You also know that somewhere inside there’s a call to express yourself more powerfully, fearlessly, beautifully out in the world. I'm here to coach your voice into a source of power, confidence, connection, and joy."


Are You Ready to Share Your Light With the World?

Is the Awaken Your Radiant Voice Course for You?

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  • Your speaking voice feels blocked, small and shutdown. Or you believe you can't sing.

  • You struggle with crowds and larger gatherings, especially if you're in the spotlight.
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  • You're tired of expressing yourself with your body shutting down, your chest thumping and your throat closing.

  • Or you might be comfortable with a crowd, but freeze when it comes to one-on-one interactions.
  • You struggle to say what you need to say in important relationships. You want to feel safe to express yourself.
  • You want to transform your voice from being an obstacle to a source of connection, confidence and joy.
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Liberating Your Voice Can

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Make You Feel Safe

Move from hiding in groups to playfully showing up and being visible.

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Impact Your Career

Show up with greater authority in your work life by expressing yourself with self-assurance.

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Unlock Playful Singing

Learn to unblock and free your voice and transform your singing into a source of joy.

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Make You More Present

Use your vocal expression to improve mindfulness, presence and calm.

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Transform Relationships

Feel a sense of groundedness, interconnectedness and confidence.

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Bring You Great Joy

Express your inner, unfiltered, creative, joyful self.

Testimonial – Tasha Blank

Even though I'd dabbled in singing, studied with different voice teachers and even released an album - I didn't feel comfortable with my voice or confident as a singer. I still didn't even think of myself as a singer.

Working with Jeremy revealed the hidden blocks that my work with other vocal coaches hadn't even touched, and then rippled out into other areas of my life, and totally supported me in putting my voice into the world with my most successful business launch ever!

The Course Themes

Awaken Your Radiant Voice gently guides you to a place where you are able to speak and sing with more confidence, clarity, love, and self-assurance. 

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Learn to love and trust your voice

Learn the practices and mindsets to start developing trust and appreciation for your voice. Recover your confidence.


Stop hiding, start connecting

Cultivate a sense of safety in group settings and one-on-one interactions supported by mindful and body-based practices.


Sing more and find joy and freedom

Rediscover the joy of singing and play, no matter whether you can sing or not. Recover your childlike, expressive and playful nature. 


Social anxiety and managing the nervous system

Learn how to move from flooding, freezing or shutting down into a stable, relaxed nervous system.


Healing and deconditioning the past

Discover how your voice became blocked, and move to new, more empowered ways of expressing yourself.


Authenticity and boundaries

Learn to express your needs, desires, and deal-breakers with power, confidence, and kindness.



Jeremy De Tolly

I love music, singing, and working with people as they heal and step into the joy of their unblocked voice. I count it as a privilege to walk with someone as a gentle guide as they reach new levels of vocal freedom, and look forward to helping you do the same. Be prepared for a journey that is both profoundly impactful, and also full of laughter and fun!


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My Background

I've taken all that I've learned from 30 years of performing on stages across the world and combined it with my committed spiritual, psychological, and trauma-informed practice as a healer, teacher, and student.

As a transformation coach, advanced EFT and TRE® practitioner and vocal healer - I know how to compassionately and gently face and treat the self-expression blocks that have been holding you back.

As a singer and music producer who has performed to hundreds of thousands of people on big and small stages across the world, I know exactly what is involved in learning to feel safe - and then confident - when faced by large groups of people.

I love working with people from different backgrounds and cultures from around the world to overcome their vocal traumas, helping them express their unique gifts in the world.



Listen to Others Who Have Experienced Radical Vocal Liberation

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"The changes that I noticed in my voice during and after was that I now speak up and out and I'm comfortable doing it. I don't doubt myself the way I used to. I'm comfortable speaking up or taking up space in places where maybe before I would have drawn back. Including starting my podcast!"


"I've noticed so many changes in my voice during and after Awaken Your Radiant Voice. I’ve noticed how my actual vocal muscles are strengthening and developing a richness which is really enjoyable to work with in terms of expressing myself. The shift in what's just pouring out of me is remarkable."


The Awaken Your Radiant Voice 

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is a comprehensive seven module course, that has all the elements you need to liberate, uplevel and empower your voice. 

Each module has the seven streams of the Radiant Voices method – some vocal play, building your radiant speaking and singing voice, your embodied voice, healing your voice, healing tools and building a mindful voice.

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Module One: Foundations for a New Voice

Here we build your radiant voice on new foundations. We get to work creating the voice you've always wanted.

These are the foundational practices for your radiant speaking and singing voice. In addition, you will build embodiment and presence into your expression and start to learn powerful voice healing tools.

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Module Two: Expressing from the Heart

Module two allows us to really speak and connect from the heart - allowing us to create intimacy and safety with other humans.

We deepen in this form of heart centeredness with embodiment and mindfulness. The healing tools in this module assist us to reduce self criticism, open the heart and give us access to playfulness. 

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Module Three: Your Body is the Key

In this module you'll learn how to be in your body while expressing. An embodied voice is a game changer for speaking and singing and one of the keys to liberating your voice. A lot of the information we need to feel safe and be in tune with others can be found here.  

This is the path to finding deep confidence in your voice again. We'll also look at how to assist your nervous system to find a sense of calm, relaxed balance.

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Module Four: Your Authentic Voice

Creating authentic connection involves us slowing down and being able to access our emotions in the moment. Modern psychology and neurobiology demonstrates that authentic connection is probably the deepest need we have as human beings.

People with blocked voices tend to feel very unsafe with others and so the block can prevent us from feeling connection. The course aims to nurture the habit of warm connection.

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Module Five: Feeling Safe in Relationships

We investigate your relationship with other humans, and seek to release the blocks that cause us to not show up fully.

In one on one relationships, we will deepen your ability to clearly speak your yesses and no's. We'll work on expressing your boundaries, so that you can feel safe in relationships. There are also lots of practices for calming down, getting grounded and confident when speaking with larger groups of people.

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Module Six: Opening Up to the World

In module six we investigate your relationship with the world as experienced with groups of people and the internet. We'll also look at what goes on in your body when you sing with others.

Make your relationship with the world more conscious and empowered so that you can freely share your gifts with the world.  

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Module Seven: Your Radiant Voice, Awakened

Throughout the course we have released blocks and developed confidence, but in this final module we take our voices beyond self-empowerment. We move from a sense of 'me', to 'we'.

We integrate our authentic, heart centered voice in communion with others. Our voice becomes an agent of change as we share our unique light with the world.

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is the only course of its kind that...

  • Addresses the deeper reasons why your voice shuts down and why you don't feel heard.
  • Has at its foundation a mindfulness focus - so this work is about self-expression, but also about being present, heart-centered, and grounded when communicating.
  • Is embodiment-focused and trauma-informed. Developing a deep connection to the body when expressing helps us overcome limiting vocal patterns. The reasons why your voice shut down are complex. This course humbly and gently acknowledges this and gives you the tools to overcome this and create a new future. 
  • Is based on moving past conventional ideas of having a 'perfect voice' and rather focuses on the joy of singing and expressing yourself with freedom.
  • Directly approaches vocal blocks and provides tangible, practical tools and practices for overcoming them.


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"The problems that I had with my voice is that I didn't have a voice or I didn't believe I had a voice. Now I feel more confident to show up as I am. I can actually just take a deep breath, gain my momentum and just express what I need to say."

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"I learned quickly to understand which emotional & energetic blockages affect my self-expression and techniques to unblock and train my voice. I feel more confident in both speaking and singing!"

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"My confidence through the course grew and gave me the courage to just say it like it is. Would I recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice for someone with the vocal blocks? Definitely. Without a doubt. I think it's beautiful."

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Pricing & Payment Options

The Radiant Voices course is designed to be accessible with 3 payment installations. 

Take the leap. Transform your voice into a source of power, joy, and connection now.



Payable in full or three instalments of $175.

  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Support from the community
  • Video and audio learning
  • Practical exercises




Level up with 1:1 coaching calls with Jeremy.

  • Course included
  • Three private sessions with Jeremy valued at $175 per session
  • $60 saving




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Transform Your Voice into Your Greatest Asset

You can transform your voice from being blocked, shut down, contracted
and disempowered into a source of freedom and joy.

Join us now.