In communion with the White Lions of Tsau, South Africa

Friday 11th - Saturday 19th September

Are you ready to awaken to your heart's purpose?

Are you feeling the call to heal, awaken, and be of service on our beautiful planet?

The sacred White Lions are extraordinary teachers of presence and purpose. Learn to receive direct communication from the African bush and its graceful, powerful and wise creatures.

The coming of the white 'star lions' was prophesied by traditional spiritual leaders of Southern Africa. Their arrival was to herald a shift in human consciousness. Now there is only one place in the world that these white lions live in the wild – Tsau, Greater Timbavati, South Africa.

Heart Communion

Our time in the African bush will offer a deep call to heart-based presence and invites communion, communication and healing with the lions and the African earth herself. 

Eight days of sacred

Eight days in direct communication with the sacred white lions of Tsau. Twice-daily excursions into the lion prides. Advanced practices for stabilising heart-centered awareness (heart-mind) in community.

A Path to Awakening

• Meditation and non-dual inquiry 
• Breathwork and energy medicine
• Playful awareness and energy games
• Body-based releasing exercises
• Music, singing and movement

Let the African bush teach you the joy of living 

While the white lions are revered spiritually, they are also exploited and killed for commercial gain. A large percentage of your workshop fee goes toward keeping the sacred white lions safe and free to flourish in the wild.

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Your guides for this retreat are Carol Grace and Jeremy de Tolly, with Linda Tucker (author of 'Mystery of the White Lions' and founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust) and the team at Tsau, South Africa.


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