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At the
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What appears to be in the way, is the way.

- Thomas Hübl

I’ve always loved that quote but didn’t know quite how meaningful it would come to be in my journey as a musician, vocal transformation coach and healer.

I’ve been a rock ‘n roll and studio musician for what feels like forever, but my journey to finding powerful voice healing tools started 25 years ago. An integral part was training as a Transformation Coach and in other highly effective methods like TRE®  and EFT. This search was born both out of a deep curiosity about life and the need to do some serious personal work and healing. 

Because while I’ve sung on international stages, toured, enjoyed the thrills of playing to thousands of people, and produced award-winning records, I’ve also spent a lot of time feeling anxious and even ashamed of my voice.

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In our culture singing has been elevated to a level of athleticism that few can consistently perform at. On the recordings we sing along to, voices have auto-tune and other production elements that make voices sound perfect. And so we get duped into believing  that we shouldn't sing unless we sound like the recording. Even top level singers suffer from shame, anxiety and mistrust of their own voices.

I noticed deeply ingrained patterns in my speaking voice too – of shutdown, of not speaking my truth, and a real struggle with expressing boundaries. 

I had kept my career as a musician quite apart from my burgeoning path as a healer and coach. But when I finally brought the two together in a moment of clarity, it was like a nuclear reaction going off in my core - a magnetic meeting of two worlds.

It felt exactly right, like I’d found my life’s work. As I travelled around the world leading group classes and workshops, I met people with deeply shut down voices. And it was clear that the reasons that their voices were blocked were deep, and would never be solved by speech-making or singing classes. I found that the origin of people's voice blocks could be found in their childhoods. Their voices ‘became’ through parenting, school, culture and also got imprinted in traumatic incidents big and small. So to return a voice to health, I found that you need to specifically address the expression aspects of these issues. You need a deep sophisticated toolkit for healing and liberating voices.

This led me to develop the Radiant Voices material and methodologies that I teach now, both as a private vocal transformation coach and in my signature course, Awaken Your Radiant Voice.

The focus of this work is to empower my clients to go from a place of not trusting their voice, to feeling safe and confident to express their magic in the world. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing that change happen, and witnessing the confidence and infectious joy it brings.

Liberating your voice is a joyful experience. Yes, it’s a deep process, and it's gentle, caring work to nurture a voice back into health and confidence. When our voices are shut down as children, it is our sense of playfulness that gets shut down too. But the upside is that when the clamps come off, the joy comes out. And then we’re free to be our goofy, quirky, unfiltered selves, and the world becomes a better place for it.


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Life Now

I live on a quiet farm in Elgin, South Africa, and lead classes for Awaken Your Radiant Voice and see a limited number of one on one clients each week. 

I also still love making music from my studio – I’m currently writing a new album with my indie rock band The Dirty Skirts. Check out my meditation music here and my gentle ambient piano work here. I’m primarily a singer, but play piano, guitar, synthesizers and produce albums. 

Ultimately, it gives me great satisfaction to use my gifts and abilities at this intersection of voices and healing, to help make things a little better on this extraordinary marble we call home.

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